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Reflow method described

Reflow method is that the difference between the various different heat source and heating method. The following describes the common reflow methods.
1) infrared reflow
      Infrared radiation is irradiated to produce infrared * holding the weldment that is converted into heat energy through several temperature zones reflow heating to the desired temperature and heat, then cooled to complete the welding. This method is low-cost equipment. For low density products of mass production assembly. Infrared and far infrared heat source the right near-infrared two kinds. The former are generally used for warm-up, which is used for heating at reflux. Whole paragraphs into the furnace zone temperature control, respectively. The disadvantage is that the surface of components due to the color depth, material differences, the absorbed heat is also different v and bulky components small components will result in insufficient shadow to make it heat. Temperature setting difficult to balance comprehensive. For example due to radiation absorption rate overheated black plastic on an integrated circuit package, but on the contrary as a low temperature weld silver wire. Prone to Weld.
2) hot air reflow
      A hot air reflow to force air circulation by convection jet pipes or heat blower, in order to achieve welding weldment is heated. As a result of this heating, the temperature of the PCB and components close to the gas temperature in a given area of the heating temperature, temperature difference and completely overcome the shadowing effect of infrared reflow, with uniform heating, temperature stability characteristics.
      Since the 1990s, with the sMT applications continue to expand and further miniaturization, equipment manufacturers have developed to improve the distribution of the heater, circulating air flow and increase the number of zone, so that it can be further precisely controlled furnace components temperature distribution in various parts of the chamber, easier to adjust the ideal temperature curve. To ensure that the cycle gas acting on any area of the PCB, airflow must be fast enough. This could easily lead to jitter and PCB components shift to some extent. In addition, the use of such heating on heat exchange, the less efficient, more power.
3) Infrared Reflow
      Infrared Reflow plus hot air is in the infrared furnace based on the furnace temperature is more uniform, ideal for the current heating o these devices take advantage of the infrared rays penetrate the strong features. High thermal efficiency, energy saving, effectively overcome the temperature difference and the shadowing effect of infrared reflow, and made up for the hot air reflow gas flow requirements caused by excessive, so this combination of hot air infrared reflow at the international level is currently using the most common.
4) laser reflow
      Heat from the laser beam, the laser beam is excellent directivity and high power density based, which is characterized by highly localized heating process; no effect force. The device does not heat sensitive and strong thermal shock; welding time is short, solder microstructure is refined, improved thermal fatigue resistance. The disadvantage is that, as a spot welding technique, production efficiency is low. Currently mainly used for laser reflow lead pitch o. A 65 o. 5m below the high density assembly.
      Another vapor reflow, reflow heat conduction plate, the former due to the high cost of heating medium and not conducive to environmental protection, the latter due to low thermal efficiency and thermal conductivity of the substrate by the influence of temperature variations, it is now rarely used.

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