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Wave into a new era

   Despite the need for lead-free soldering in science and technology remains controversial, consumer and legislative requirements for lead-free products is clear. The main disadvantage of lead-free solder than conventional tin - lead solder higher costs, but whether it like it or not, it is clear in all of its manufacturers have had to use lead-free production process. After all, cost reduction methods is always present.
   Despite surface mount components, but is designed to handle through-hole components and the development of wave soldering is still full of vitality, and is also a key part of all kinds of production lines.
The following four aspects of the formation of a technology closely integrated economically, thereby saving the cost of lead-free solder:
1. Preheat Design. Most wave soldering machine is equipped with a different configuration of the preheater. However, the best design for preheating the system should include more than one type of heater, for example, black body IR heating plate at the bottom and upper forced air convection heater combined system.
2. Type preheater. Wave soldering equipment manufacturers use different types of heating methods: quartz lamps, infrared (IR) and Calrod ceramic tube assemblies, all in the high temperature (1300 Zhi 2000 ℉), so that the PCB before entering the peak of its top reaches 190-240 the optimum temperature ℉. Obviously, such a high Δt, so that energy efficiency is very low. Moreover, these components can not be absorbed by the heat emitted so much heat. Using high-temperature heat source so try to make the PCB surface to a relatively low temperature, which greatly increases the likelihood that the flux through burning.
Conversely, low watt density blackbody IR heater board PCB heating is the most effective method. These heating means emit long wavelength IR, easily absorbed by PCB. Thus, Δt between the heat source and the PCB than the quartz tube lamps and infrared heating components generated Δt much smaller.
   3. Solder recycling. Using solder recycling system to maximize cost savings. During the welding operation, up to 75% (depending on the pump design) become oxidized solder dross, the main ingredient is pure solder dross.
   4. Lead-free process control. People using more expensive solder, weld defects naturally expect less. One of the main causes of welding defects (such as bridges, icicles and inadequate welds top surface) of the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly insufficient heating in the preheating stage. However, over the still insufficient, excessive heat and inadequate heating as bad for its lead-free process is more so. In fact, lead-free preheating more demanding, because it requires higher temperatures: somewhat close to the melting temperature of lead-free solder 700 ℉.
Physical design of the preheater is another major influencing factors uniformly and gradually heated printing plate. For example, if there is no gap between the beginning and the end portion of the preheater peaks, it will lead to a printing plate cooling. Similarly, the printing plate runs on a transport mechanism, it and the distance between the heat source also has an important influence on the printing plate heating process. Ideal design is that when the printing plate is located near the crest should be closer to the heat source. Further, since the lead-free solder bath with the PCB into the crest and at a higher temperature, it is natural to expect the most efficient pre-heating system capable of continuous production to meet the requirements of mass production, so that defects and minimize rework and replacement costs .

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